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We scout, spot, get the higher hand

Our methodology implies three basic steps which have already passed the empirical test: extensive scouting of the market and of our clients’ needs, a rigorous evaluation of the candidates and last but not

The attention we pay to carrying out these stages is the guarantee certificate for our projects’ success and for the final satisfaction of our clients’ requests.


You have our support, in more than one way…

The HR team can increase its support with services like management consultancy ( preliminary consultancy, specialized consultancy, start-up company etc) or with the media support necessary, covering the ground for everything related to publicity, image campaigns, PR, branding, re- branding, spots, and media planning.


We make sure...

By making use of rigorous tests we put together the psychologic profile of the potential candidates to make sure that the one we have picked out is the ideal option to cover the job (at the client’s request).