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New Office in Hungary

      From July 2010, HRZone is also present in Hungary, where in some projects is working with
P&Bert Management Consulting ( P&Bert Management Consultancy as a company has more than 14 years experience on the hungarian HR field. The company is present also in Romania and Slovakia.


New Collaborators

 Since 2009, HRZone extended the portfolio thanks to the collaboration with Anne Manoliu's coaching service.
     Anne Manoliu is a coach, master practitioner in NLP program, certified in Ericksonian hypnosis, trainer. She also has over 5 years experience in areas such as marketing and sales, aviation, participation in numerous training and development programs and health-related communication, psychology, business. (

     In the field of training and team-building, HRZone  has a collaboration with Alexandru Moldovan who is working as a trainer for many years. He is actively more than 1,700 hours actually spent in training and more than 1,000 hours of them are come into effect in team building. His passion is experiential education and is dedicated to everything that is human development and volunteering. (


HRzone - Romanian Exclusiv Partner of MPP Partners

      From 1st of November 2008, HRzone became Romanian Exclusive Partner of MPP Partners International Group, with the central in Wien, Austria.
     HRzone, in this new great position, can bring new job opportunities for his candidates.
     For HRzone clients, we can give an excellent support in recruitment wherever they opened an office in Romania or other countries (European Union, Asia or Russian Federation).
     We can provide the best specialists from any country of our group.
     For other specific information, don't hesitate to contact us.



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